Our Constitution



Membership shall be open to those who have professed repentance towards God and faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. Each applicant is to be given a copy of this Constitution and Declaration of Faith before being interviewed by a person appointed by the Elders.

On being satisfied, as far as we are able to determine, that the person belongs to Christ and is in agreement with this Constitution and Declaration of Faith, he/she would be welcomed into membership on the first convenient Sunday.

A list of the changes in membership shall be made available to all church members annually.

Should a member be deemed not to be walking according to Biblical teaching (2 Thes 3:14-15), the Elders will exercise discipline in accordance with Scripture in order to preserve the church fellowship of such a person. The church will be called together at which time the Elders will explain the action taken.

Members absenting themselves habitually from church services shall be contacted. The Elders would make every effort to restore such a person into fellowship, failing which, he/she shall be removed from fellowship.


Elders shall be appointed from among the male members of the church to share its pastoral oversight. There shall be no stipulated number of Elders and no time limit fixed for their service, but, upon a resolution of a special church meeting, an Elder’s office may be terminated forthwith. The resignation of an Elder from office shall be regarded as existing from the time he notifies the church, or if notice is given in advance, from the date indicated by him. In the absence of Elders, the Deacons shall perform the function of Elders, until such time as new Elders are appointed.


Deacons shall be appointed from among the male members of the church to serve. There shall be no stipulated number of Deacons and no time limit fixed for their service, but upon a resolution of a special church meeting, a Deacon’s serve may be terminated forthwith.

The resignation of a Deacon from serving shall be regarded as existing from the time he notifies the church, or if notice is given in advance, from the date indicated by him.


When it is perceived that there is need for additional Elders or Deacons, members will be asked to read the relevant Scriptures as they pray for God’s guidance before nominating men as “Overseers”. On receiving these nominations, the Elders would seek God’s guidance. Any nominees subsequently approached by them would be asked to give the matter prayerful consideration. Appointments being confirmed by the church at a special church meeting. Elders and Deacons shall meet regularly for prayer and fellowship either separately or together as they shall agree that circumstances demand.


General church meetings shall be held in January; April and September each Year. An audited statement of accounts shall be made available at the January meeting.

Special church meetings shall be called by the Elders when considered necessary by them.

It is hoped that resolutions brought to the meeting by the Elders will find unanimous acceptance, however if FOUR or more members present at the meeting are unable to accept a resolution a vote will be called for when a TWO-THIRDS majority will be sufficient to adopt the resolution.

Should the majority not be reached the Elders are to reconsider the original resolution at their next meeting.

Resolutions approved at a church meeting shall be considered as binding on the whole church.

General and Special Business meetings shall require at least 7 members, not including Elders and Deacons, to be present whenever important decisions have to be made.


All such meetings / activities require the approval of the Eldership and confirmation of the church when presented as a resolution. Appointment to leadership of an auxiliary meeting / activity shall be approved by the Elders. No person shall become such a leader who is not a member of the church.The word “Auxiliary” is an all encompassing term (e.g. Ladies Monday Club; Focus Group).


Church and auxiliary accounts shall be audited annually by persons appointed by the Deacons and copies of balance sheets will be available to the Church Treasurer for inclusion in the Financial Statement.

As a general rule collections are not taken during services, however, the bible teaches us not to be careless about our giving. All members need to appreciate the financial responsibility laid upon each individual member to enable the church to be maintained whilst providing for those “sent out” and engaged in Christian work elsewhere.


These will be conducted for those who satisfy the Elders that they are Christian believers who are walking in fellowship with the Lord and His people at the time of their request. The decision to accept requests for such a service to rest with the Elders.

In the case of divorced persons the Elders will consider the circumstances in each individual case, bearing in mind the relevance of Scripture, before consenting to re-marriage.

Requests for marriage from non-members of this church may be considered, subject to enquiry into their faith from the Elders.


Members may request the use of the church premises for other than normal meetings. Requests to be made to the Deacons for their approval.

In the absence of a caretaker the person in charge shall make all the arrangements for the opening, heating, lighting etc. of the premises and ensuring the security of the buildings at the close of the event. This responsibility also applies to leaders of the various auxiliary meetings.

Children are NOT to be left on the premises unattended.


If at anytime it is considered necessary to change any part of this constitution the Elders would give due notice of this and call a special church meeting to consider such changes.